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Month: December 2017

Property Investment Advice in Melbourne

Helping Your Kids Up the Property Ladder

Despite the real estate market booming, it’s rarely been harder for first-time buyers to break into the property market. For many young purchasers, having mum and dad give them a small helping hand can be invaluable. There are a few options you can pursue if you want to help your kids get their foot in…
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Why Gen Ys are Making their First Property an Investment

For many younger home buyers today, having a home to call their own is no longer the great aspiration it was for their parents. But that doesn’t mean they are not buying property – just that an increasing number of Gen Y buyers are happy to make their first purchase an investment property and to…
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Chinese Buyers Investing in Australian Properties

This story from CCTV News covers the growing trend of Chinese investors buying into the Australian property market. The growth of Chinese Investment It’s no secret that property markets in Australia, especially Sydney, are booming at the moment. And one of the driving forces is the increasing number of buyers coming from Asia, especially China,…
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How to Break Into the Hot Property Market

Everyone wants to get into the property market, but making that first purchase is often the most difficult. Here are a few tips for first-timers on how to get your foot in the door. Skip the Hotspots There is no shortage of public information around about the next boom suburb or town. Take most of…
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Strong Sydney House Prices Spur Property Bubble Fears

In this story from BBC News, journalist Phil Mercer reports on the recent rapid growth in the Sydney property market, and fears that it is developing into a housing price bubble. State of the Sydney Market As Phil Mercer explains in the segment, recent reports suggest Sydney house prices are rising by as much as…
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To Sell or Not to Sell During Christmas

Christmas time is coming up, which means barbecues, presents, crackers and mistletoe. Is it also time to put your property on the market? Disadvantages There are obviously reasons to suppose that the answer is a definite no. The major disadvantage of attempting to sell over the Christmas period is that many buyers will be away…
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